Monday, April 25, 2016

Running For Rhinos

There is nothing sexier than a man who loves animals. I don`t mean the kind of man that says he loves animals, rescues a puppy and throws a meat eating BBQ to celebrate his new furry friend. I mean the kind of man that truly loves all animals, a man full of compassion and empathy for all living creatures, a VEGAN MAN.

In my latest YouTube video I had the pleasure of interviewing one heck of a sexy vegan man. This man is super busy in his new career, pulled in all messy directions with a new baby at home as well as two furry children, always lending both hands to a pretty darn demanding wife, and yet he still finds time to take action for the animals. Damn, yes, wife, sorry ladies, he is taken.

Ryan from Running For Rhinos has put together quite the exciting fundraiser for rhinos. Ryan has teamed up with a foundation specifically to help raise money to protect rhinos and elephants from poachers. This foundation puts loads of money into flying small drones in Africa with night-vision cameras to spot poachers before they can even do what they have set out to do. How incredibly cool!

Please check out my interview with this superman of a man --- LINK --- Video - Interview Running For Rhinos
For more information about how you can help Ryan raise money for such a great cause please check out his new Facebook page that will link you to taking part in helping these beautiful creatures stay safe and free in their own homes. His Facebook page will also allow you to share in his journey of running numerous trail races all over Ontario, Canada in the next few months. Ryan is passionate about animals and he is determined to help make a difference.

Running for Rhinos Facebook Page ---- Running For Rhinos FACEBOOK Page

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