Tuesday, September 30, 2014

VEGFEST GUELPH 2014 - A Dream Come True

After planning Vegfest Guelph for over a year, the Vegfest Guelph Team could not have been happier with the outcome. Yes, torrential rains lasted a couple hours in the early morning of Sunday Sept. 21st, but the team never lost hope. The volunteers, vendors, speakers and musicians showed up with excitement and positive attitudes ready to spread the vegan love. The sun came out and it turned into a beautiful day. The Goldie Mill and GYMC in the downtown Guelph area had easily over 1,500 people come through and share in our special event on this fabulous day.

I personally joined the Vegfest Guelph Team about a year ago. I had just moved to Guelph and had been living the vegan lifestyle for just over a year. I had been to some vegan meetups and potlucks, but I needed more. I needed to take more action and to inspire more people to BE THE CHANGE (my favourite motto if you have not already noticed). To me that was what Vegfest Guelph was all about-- opening eyes and minds, educating and inspiring others to make changes in their hearts, minds, souls and take action to benefit the beautiful innocent beings that are on this earth WITH US, not for us. 

What is the point of this blog post? Simply to send out an important reminder to myself and to you readers that change starts with one simple action and that action can inspire and spiral into a chain of positive reactions and actions which will create the glorious change. The huge event, Vegfest Guelph, which attracted hundreds of people on Sunday Sept. 21st, began in the mind of only one person. That one person discussed it with another, and then an entire team came together. What a shame it would have been if that one person did not take action after being inspired herself, from other vegan festivals and positive changes. Now I think of the hundreds of people who were inspired at Vegfest Guelph and I smile at the thought of the small actions that they will now take that will continue to create a much more peaceful and beautiful world full of love and happiness for all beings. 

PS - the food was awesome :) 

Super grateful to have had my hubby volunteering all day, and my sister to have come with her band to perform at our event. For my mom and Ed to have have come to share in this special day and to bring my favourite furry sister Coco :) Thank you. It meant everything to me to have you all there.

Please check out our more Vegfest Guelph photos that were taken by Shari Lovell who was so generous to donate her time and resources for our event. VEGFEST GUELPH PHOTOS

Shari is a dear friend to Ryan and I. She caught our surprise proposal at the Tough Mudder event a couple years ago and uploaded a video on Youtube for us. (keep in mind we did not know her at this point- so generous of her :) Shari was then asked to be our wedding photographer and it was such a pleasure to have her there. Thank you for everything Shari.