Friday, June 13, 2014


Call me a cheater and in this case I will take it as a compliment! Last weekend we celebrated my little sisters birthday. I wanted to make her a cake this year :) Believe it or not I do not enjoy baking so much, from scratch that is. So I decided to get some vegan cake mixes and make her a yummy cake!

 Cake mixes do not get much healthier than this.
You can find these fabulous mixes at Winners! $5.99 each. 
They have a few more flavours such as lemon poppy seed and lavender.

 So I baked both cakes. 
I dug a little chocolate cake out to make room for the cream. 
Dumped in the banana cream.- mashed banana with coconut whip :)
 Covered the masterpiece with coconut cream and bananas :D
 Everyone LOVED the cake. Moist and DELICIOUS!
 One slice for the birthday girl....and then another.
 We finished the cake pretty quickly :P
*Nothing wrong with a messy cake- the taste is what counts*
So the coconut cream was a huge hit. It was requested for breakfast in
the morning. Strawberries & Cream = heavenly bliss :D

Coconut cream is easy to make and 100% healthier 
than any other whipped creams.It is also 
Oh She Glows has an incredible recipe 

Monday, June 2, 2014


     I finally went to my first Vegfest! Yesterday I was at the Niagara Vegfest with the Vegfest Guelph team for the entire day. It was fantastic! My heart was full of joy all day long :) I could not believe how incredibly busy the Vegfest was, how many people there were and all of the vendors that took part. I got to try loads of great vegan food and I met so many new people.

Vegfest Guelph got a table as a vendor at Niagara 
Vegfest simply to spread the great news, 
that Guelph is starting a vegfest of its own!

7am - 7:30pm - SUPER LONG DAY OF FUN!
Ready to inspire and to be inspired :)
Vegfest Guelph is selling t-shirts to help raise 
money for Sept. 21st! These shirts were selling super fast at the Niagara Vegfest! Great news is that you can purchase these super awesome t-shirts online! HERE---> Vegfest Guelph's T-Shirts
It was such a busy day that from about 10:45am to 
5:30pm I could not see the other side of the building. 
This picture was taken when things started to clear up.
There were loads of vendors inside and many food 
trucks and other vendors outside.

Check out Niagara Vegfest on Facebook ---> Niagara Vegfest Facebook Page

Come out and support the first ever Vegfest in Guelph on September 21st!!! Start by liking the Vegfest Guelph Facebook page and sharing with your family and friends :) ---> Vegfest Guelph Facebook Page

The best part about yesterday was the simple fact that it was all for the beautiful animals that so many people love. The love is spreading, the minds are opening and the world is changing :D